PrideCatz NFTs

Bringing good luck to each owner, PrideCatz are the purrfect NFTs, open to all. Their fight for equality is just beginning.

No PrideCatz are the same. Each of the 2000 available are unique. Some PrideCatz will be rarer than others, each with distinguishable characteristics. Which Pussy will you take home as your new pet? The time is Meoww.

LAUNCH: 8th March, 22                  SUPPLY: 2000                   PRICE: 0.1BNB

LAUNCH: 8th March, 22   

SUPPLY: 2000   



Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

Phase 5

Holding Benefits

  • Hold 1 NFT and get access to secret discord NFT chat

  • Hold 1 NFT and get access to $KITTEN presale

  • Hold 1 NFT and automatically participate in cash giveaway during promotion period

  • Hold 5 NFTs get 1,000,000 $PUSS airdrop

  • Hold 10 NFTs get 10,000,000 $PUSS airdrop

  • Hold 20 NFTs get 100,000,000 $PUSS airdrop

  • Stake NFTs for rewards in DeFi Farming App


Frequently Asked Question

PrideCatz is the first collection of NFTs brought to market by the PussyCat team.
2000, with no two being the same.
BSC (Binance Smart Chain)
0.1 BNB – affordable and fair to all!
Each Pussy is aesthetically pleasing. Some will be super rare. They will be collectable for sure. Your cat will have some power + useability (stay tuned!).
PrideCatz may be stored in your normal Metamask wallet. Please ensure it is set to Binance Smart Chain!
The team has set a maximum of 20 PrideCatz per user wallet.
Good question! Without giving too much away (we like surprises!) NFT purchases can expect to see different clothing, facial features, motivational phrases, accessories etc. Do keep your eyes peeled for the super, super rare full Rainbow kittie!
I’m sorry, we are a Pussy-loving team and an affection for cats first and foremost, is essential.